All photos taken with my iPad or iPhone
Day 1:  This man always makes me happy #myman #100happydays
Day 2: The sun makes me happy #100happydays
Day 3: Post makes me happy #penpalrevival #100happydays
Day 4: Flowers from my mum make me happy #100happydays
Day 5: Moomin makes me happy because he is absolutely he is with his two Meerkat friends! #100happydays
Day 6: Mixed media books make me happy #100happydays
Day 7: Doing art makes me happy (work in progress) #100happydays
Day 8: Working on canvas (work in progress) #100happydays
Day 9: I like being outside #100happydays
Day 10: Lovely lovely surprise #100happydays
Day 11: This made me laugh out loud in the shop #100happydays
Day 12: My bed, my safe, happy place #100happydays
Day 13: I like moody morning skies #100happydays
Day 14: My lovely purple satchel...will always remind me of my CC girls ❤️ #100happydays
Day 15: Remembering my Dad's birthday...he would have been 76 today...he has been gone 7 years...I have very happy memories of him...I love you lots and lots Dad xxx #100happydays
Day 16: I love reading in bed #100happydays
Day 17: Finished and now hanging in the hallway #100happydays
Day 18: Fruit and veg delivery #100happydays
Day 19: A glass of strawberry wine courtesy of lovely friends #100happydays
Day 20: Good to get out, first time since Monday! #100happydays
Day 21: I won a piece of art!
Day 22: Making some colour on a very grey day #100happydays
Day 23: Dramatic sky #100happydays
Day 24: My favourite mug #100happydays
Day 25: Doing Life Book makes me happy #100happydays #lifebook2014
Day 26: Getting my photos printed (even if they are just camera pix) makes me happy #100happydays
Day 27: My elephant bracelet...I wear this every day, not just cos it's an elephant but to remind me of my lovely LF ❤️ #100happydays
Day 28: Never happier than when I'm making elephant art  #100happydays
Day 29: Just looking #Hobbycraft #100happydays
Day 30: Making fudge #100happydays
Day 31: Making little things makes me happy #100happydays
Day 32: A lovely surprise from Canada...thank you @katscan I love them #100happydays
Day 33: Happy my man came home with supplies #100happydays
Day 34: Pate on toast #100happydays
Day 35: My little bed buddy #100happydays
Day 36: Drawing mad little cats #100happydays
Day 37: Someone likes me sleeping downstairs #100happydays
Day 38: Cooking a stew early, so we have something healthy to eat when we come back from the hospital #100happydays
Day 39: In bed, glad I'm not outside #100happydays
Day 40: The arrival of yummy napkins makes me happy #100happydays
Day 41: Someone wanted to come shopping with me
Day 42: A PJ day
Day 43: A sunny day on my birthday, plus quite happy to reach the age of 49
Day 44: Birthday lunch
Day 45: Anemones
Day 46: Making little alphabets
Day 47: Making little houses
Day 48: A lovely postcard from Iceland
Day 49: Sun
Day 50: My first
Day 51: Stencil play
Day 52: My new table easel has arrived
Day 53: Getting lovely things in the post makes me happy
Day 54: Thoughts can be good
Day 55: My trolley has arrived
Day 56: Being ruthless with scrap paper supplies
Day 57: Catching up with Life Book
Day 58: Making little houses
Day 59: Some sun
Day 60: Out
Day 61: The creating of a little art journal...background done, pages made, now to get on with content.
Day 62: Grateful for a bit of colour on a grey morning
Day 63: Happily making little art journals today
Day 64: Moomin in the sun
Day 65: The best part of the hospital
Day 66: A day out with lovely ladies
Day 67: I love my slippers...PJ day today
Day 68: Painting tiny trees...I forget sometimes I have watercolour paints, I also have some twinkling H2O's...I bought a pack of tiny handmade paper when I was in here I am
Day 69: Tree
Day 70: Even on a grey morning, nature gives us colour
Day 71: Baby Able
Day 72: Homemade lasagne
Day 73: Sorting out old jewellery
Day 74: Daffodil
Day 75: Shop window
Day 76: Day 76: Getting things together for an art project
Day 77: Happy mail day
Day 78: Sleep
Day 79: Packing
Day 80: Travelling
Day 81: Coffee at my favourite museum
Day 82: First class
Day 83: Books in my room, while I sleep
Day 84: Collaged and cut out elephants
Day 85: Pleasant weather
Day 86: On the bus
Day 87: Colchester
Day 88: A little bit of abandonment at the hospital
Day 89: Circle
Day 90: I found a comic shop
Day 91: A break from radiation, so playing with things in tins
Day 92: A Eurythmics and vinyl day
Day 93: A lift to Colchester...and it's raining
Day 94: Blossom in the morning
Day 95: My last session of radiotherapy...hooray!
Day 96: Making a mess
Day 97: Morning sky...on the way to the hospital
Day 98: Yummy soup in my tummy
Day 99: I love making paper beads
Day 100: Beautiful cards this morning