2012: A personal retrospective

“Run when you can, walk when you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up.”
Dean Karnazes

I can’t beat around the bush, it has been a very testing year for me and my family…when I look back on 2012, it is all too easy to remember and dwell on the sad things that have happened…yet good and happy things have happened too, not least the support and kindness of some very special people in my life, who continue to remind me what life is about. So, as I write my little retrospective about this past year, it will touch on some sadness, but it will also remember the happiness.
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Getting ready for Christmas!

I’ve been a bit manic the last couple of weeks, doing lots of baking and making of cards! I’ve not had the energy to fight my way through crowds of people to do shopping, so I thought this year I’d make home-made goodies for family and friends. I usually make my own cards, using photos, but this year I had a go at potato printing some as well, which was a lot of fun!

All photos in this post were taken with the iPad

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Sweaty Betty: the return of the cancer

At the beginning of this year, I was confronted with my biggest fear – a recurrence of breast cancer – the bugger had come back after 9 years from when I was diagnosed with primary cancer in 2003. And it had metastasised…it was now in my axillary nymph nodes (in my arm pit) and possibly my lungs (the lesions are quite tiny in my lungs, so they can’t confirm but they strongly suspect). And they can’t operate, the tumour in the axillary is too close to major blood vessels, and there isn’t enough clearance space. Even if they tried to shrink it with IV chemotherapy, it wouldn’t shrink uniformly and would leave perimeter cells.

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