365 Project – September

Ahhh September seemed to involve a lot of waiting…waiting for scan results and organising my eldest for university…a mixed and emotional month! To see all the individual photos, go here.


Tired of waiting…

I had my CT scan done on Monday 9th September.

I have to wait until Thursday 26th September for the results.

You might think that’s not too long to wait…keep yourself busy, the time will pass soon enough…it’s only a routine scan…the consultant was on holiday, everyone needs a break…it’s the NHS, what more can you expect?

I say BOLLOCKS…I say this routine scan could reveal something that could radically alter my life (particularly as it’s already a given that my life is shortened)…I say I don’t want to wait…I’m tired of waiting…I’m tired of hospital procedures that put my life on hold…I’m tired full stop…I need a FUCKING break.

I just needed to get that off my chest. Have a good day!