August: A photo a day taken with the iPad/iPhone
Day 221: Making a mess
Day 222: A little visitor
Day 223: Playing under the ottoman
Day 224: A colourful van
Day 225: WIP
Day 226: A lovely surprise
Day 227: She's in!
Day 228: Lunch at Mussi's
Day 229: Start of a new canvas
Day 230: Making cards out of scraps
Day 231: Gelli printing on tags
Day 213: Time for a Mini Magnum!
Day 214: Rain!
Day 215: Playing with rubbing alcohol and paint
Day 216: Working in my journal
Day 217: Hospital day
Day 218: Out and about
Day 219: Beginning
Day 220: WIP
Day 232: The sun has got his hat on
Day 233: A fantastic day
Day 234: Sleepy
Day 235: Blood test day
Day 236: Happy 18th Birthday
Day 237: New book, new tool
Day 238: Moomin
Day 239: Lunch with Sian
Day 240: The start of a decorated door wedge
Day 241: A kiss from Norwich
Day 242: Bad tummy day
Day 243: Photo editing day