December: A photo a day taken with the iPad/iPhone
Day 335: Advent calendar
Day 336: Mark's Birthday
Day 337: Nerves
Day 338: Little Robin
Day 339: An afternoon at the hospital
Day 340: Yukky tummy
Day 341: Lost my mojo
Day 342: Making fudge
Day 343: A day at the Royal London hospital
Day 344: Painting helps me forget
Day 345: A sunny winters day
Day 346: Getting some fudge ready for posting
Day 347: The return
Day 348: Bokeh
Day 349: Sunday afternoon at the market
Day 350: Staying in day
Day 351: I think she's Klimt goddess
Day 352: A winter morning
Day 353: I love my water soluble crayons
Day 354: Art journal
Day 355: Arrival of Bradford photo book
Day 356: Christmas food shopping
Day 357: Home made biscuits and fudge
Day 357: Christmas Eve
Day 359: Christmas day
Day 360: Loving my new little brayer
Day 361: A lovely day with friends
Day 362: Recycling greetings cards
Day 363: Long shadows
Day 364: A gift for hospital
Day 365: The start of a foxy stamp