November: A photo a day taken with the iPad/iPhone
Day 305: Town
Day 306: Trouble
Day 307: Glorious
Day 308: Fatigue
Day 309: I love getting postcards
Day 310: A day of backing up
Day 311: A surprise gift
Day 312: Making wrapping paper out of packing paper
Day 313: Leaves
Day 314: Never forget
Day 315: Doodling
Day 316: Polargrams
Day 317: Art journalling
Day 318: Secondhand market day
Day 319: Splodges
Day 320: Conquering fears
Day 321: Something I picked up at the market
Day 322: A list
Day 323: Handmade tags
Day 324: Last of the leaves
Day 325: Coffee with Tracy
Day 326: Blood test day
Day 327: Day out with Click Collective girls
Day 328: Painted collage
Day 329: Waiting
Day 330: Off to see Hunger Games 2
Day 331: Photo editing
Day 332: Want it sorted
Day 333: Able and Bou on same bed!
Day 334: Early in town