Shaun in the City: Shaun’s Trail

Hooray, another set of outdoor sculptures to find…this time Shaun the Sheep (created by Aardman) is popping up all across London in a project called Shaun in the City. Last Thursday, we did the first one, Shaun’s Trail, which took us from Oxford Circus, down Regent Street, through Piccadilly Circus, China Town, Leicester Square and Trafalgar Square, and finishing at the Mall.

Shaun's Trail

I took all the photos with my iPhone…despite having my little Olympus in my bag…it was very busy at times, it was often very difficult to get more than one shot, and it was just easier to snap with the phone.

Here are the eleven Shauns from that trail, and thank you, as always, for visiting!

Baa-bushkaRachel Shilston

Rule BritanniaSteve Anthony
Rule BritanniaRule Britannia

Ben and Holly’s Little KingdomAstley Baker Davies
Ben and Holly's Little KingdomBen and Holly's Little Kingdom

Ram of the MatchVisitEngland
Ram of the MatchRam of the Match

Monsters!Chris Riddell

The Gruffalo ShaunAxel Scheffler
The Gruffalo ShaunThe Gruffalo Shaun

JingtaiSimon Farrell

Woolly JumboJoseph Dunmore
Woolly JumboWoolly JumboWoolly Jumbo

Mossy BottomSylvia Bull
Mossy BottomMossy BottomMossy Bottom

NelsonBenjamin Cox & Vojtech Dvorak

Me Llamo ShaunEdgar Orlaineta
Me Llamo ShaunMe Llamo Shaun

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