Shaun in the City: Shirley’s Trail

We did another Shaun in the City trail last week, which took us from Bankside, to St Paul’s Cathedral, right through to the Barbican.


All photos were taken with my iPhone. Thanks for visiting 🙂

Br-ewe-nelBrunel University

To Sheep Perchance to DreamOne Red Shoe
To Sheep Perchance to DreamTo Sheep Perchance to Dream

Sheep Shape & Bristol FashionGavin Strange
Sheep Shape & Bristol Fashion
Sheep Shape & Bristol Fashion

Out of this WorldJosh & Aimee Williams
Out of this WorldOut of this WorldOut of this World

Baa-roqueSadie Butler
Baa-roque Baa-roqueBaa-roque

Literary LambP J Crook
Literary LambLiterary LambLiterary Lamb

HamishRos Franklin

Chelsea Pen-Shaun-erIn honour of the Chelsea Pensioners
Chelsea Pen-Shaun-erChelsea Pen-Shaun-er

A Capital ViewLaura Cramer
A Capital ViewA Capital View

Fine & GandyDavid Gandy
Fine & GandyFine & Gandy

Woolly WiggleZandra Rhodes
Woolly Wiggle

The GuardianVivi Cuevas
The GuardianThe Guardian

Counting SheepGerald Scarfe
Counting SheepCounting SheepCounting Sheep

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