Shaun in the City: The Farmer’s Lost Sheep

This last trail of Shaun in the City took us from one end of London to the other, from Paddington via St James’s Park, to Canary Wharf.

Underground Sign

All photos (except for the one above) are taken with my iPhone. As always, thank you for your time xxx

Lambmark LarryJenny Urquhart
Lambmark LarryLambmark LarryLambmark LarryLambmark Larry

Paddington ShaunPaddington
Paddington ShaunPaddington ShaunPaddington Shaun

Happy & GloriousVivi Cuevas
Happy & GloriousHappy & Glorious

Golden FleeceNigel Leach
Golden FleeceGolden Fleece

Hello Kitty’s #OneKindThingSanrio
Hello KittyHello Kitty

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