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365 Project – December

Wow, I did it – a whole 365 just using my iPad and iPhone! December was a tough month but I did lots of art, my eldest came home for the holidays and I saw my best friend before the year ended. You can see the individual images here.


365 Project – November

Ahhh I mixed up my day numbering this month so this compilation has taken a lot longer than it normally does! Anyhow, a mixed month of waiting for things (boo) and arty stuff (doing faces) and meeting lovely Click Collective ladies (hooray). You can see the individual images here.


365 Project – October

A hard month in terms of medication side effects, but a lot of art was done! See the individual images here.


365 Project – September

Ahhh September seemed to involve a lot of waiting…waiting for scan results and organising my eldest for university…a mixed and emotional month! To see all the individual photos, go here.


365 Project – August

A cooler month but still sunny…managed to get out a bit more, trips to Colchester, Fulham and Norwich! You can view the individual pictures here.


365 Project – July

Summer definitely arrived in July…some scorching days…Callum and I had a few days in Bradford. You can view the individual pictures here.


365 Project – June

Lots of art this month, some sunny days and a visit to Colchester to see the giraffes. All the individual pictures are here.


365 Project – May

Bit of a mixed month was May! Not many spring days and I had a rough time with my medication…but…we got a new kitten called Able (read all about him here). You can see the individual pictures here.


365 Project – April

April was a frustrating month for me…bogged down with fatigue and medication side effects…but I persevered with my art projects and spring finally arrived. You can see the individual pictures here.


365 Project – March

Ahhh…March has been a weird month weather-wise…spring is definitely dragging her heels this year…we have had mostly snow this month! Here’s my collage of the March pictures…the individual ones can be seen here.