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Making Wrapping Paper

Christmas does seem to involve a lot of spending of money on items that essentially just get thrown away…one such item is wrapping paper…I dread to think how much I’ve spent on that over the years! I have noticed, however, that certain mail order companies use loads of packing paper in their delivery boxes…so, over the last few months I have been saving this paper as a means to making my own wrapping paper.

Some of the packing paper I have been hoarding:
Packing paper
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Getting ready for Christmas!

I’ve been a bit manic the last couple of weeks, doing lots of baking and making of cards! I’ve not had the energy to fight my way through crowds of people to do shopping, so I thought this year I’d make home-made goodies for family and friends. I usually make my own cards, using photos, but this year I had a go at potato printing some as well, which was a lot of fun!

All photos in this post were taken with the iPad

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