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100 Happy Days

I am taking part in the 100 Happy Days project. I’m taking a “happy” photo each day, with my iPhone or iPad, for a consecutive 100 days…my definition of “happy” may differ from yours, but that’s okay, and it covers a wide range, from having a fabulous day out to just being able to have a nap in the afternoon! My photos are being posted on Instagram and Facebook, and also here. I’m finding it quite therapeutic to do, as there is always something to feel good about or just smile at, even if the whole day is horrible!

100 Happy Days

365 Project – December

Wow, I did it – a whole 365 just using my iPad and iPhone! December was a tough month but I did lots of art, my eldest came home for the holidays and I saw my best friend before the year ended. You can see the individual images here.


365 Project – November

Ahhh I mixed up my day numbering this month so this compilation has taken a lot longer than it normally does! Anyhow, a mixed month of waiting for things (boo) and arty stuff (doing faces) and meeting lovely Click Collective ladies (hooray). You can see the individual images here.


365 Project – October

A hard month in terms of medication side effects, but a lot of art was done! See the individual images here.


365 Project – September

Ahhh September seemed to involve a lot of waiting…waiting for scan results and organising my eldest for university…a mixed and emotional month! To see all the individual photos, go here.


365 Project – August

A cooler month but still sunny…managed to get out a bit more, trips to Colchester, Fulham and Norwich! You can view the individual pictures here.


365 Project – July

Summer definitely arrived in July…some scorching days…Callum and I had a few days in Bradford. You can view the individual pictures here.


365 Project – June

Lots of art this month, some sunny days and a visit to Colchester to see the giraffes. All the individual pictures are here.


365 Project – May

Bit of a mixed month was May! Not many spring days and I had a rough time with my medication…but…we got a new kitten called Able (read all about him here). You can see the individual pictures here.


365 Project – April

April was a frustrating month for me…bogged down with fatigue and medication side effects…but I persevered with my art projects and spring finally arrived. You can see the individual pictures here.