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Art Journal Update

Let me say it straight up, I’m not a daily art journaller, I’m lucky if I manage one art journal page a week. I do write in a journal every day but it is just writing with bits and bobs stuck in that remind me of the day or cards I have been sent by friends. My art journals are for experimenting in and sometimes I can start a piece and not finish it until weeks later. Anyway, here are some of my art journal pages from the last 3-4 months; they are mostly faces, and the text around them are mostly quotes or lyrics from my favourite songs. Lots of inspiration and influence from Effy Wild and Tamara Laporte…thank you ladies xxx

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Squiggles and blobs

I have never seen myself as an artist in the traditional sense of the word, but I have always enjoyed playing around with pens and paint, especially at school and then when my children were small. Although I’ve never really stopped making things, since last Christmas, I have increasingly been incorporating some form of “artwork” into my daily life.

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